~ About us ~

A little insight if you will

We are a group of young professionals and we would do anything for web development. It all started as an hobby and now it is our passion. We always wanted to paint the world with bright colours. And we ended up painting through web designing. Our skills are known far and wide. We have had clients from all over the world and are highly recommended.

Web Viander is a Design and Development studio based in the beautiful city of Chennai. We have a team that breathe design, love and code what they do. We Specialize at Branding , UI/UX Design , SEO and development for Mobile Phones/Tablets. Unlike most people we don't design for the sake of it, we love what we do and we are the best at it.




HTML5 and CSS3





  • Long Long Ago..

    Two children were born who were once esteemed to be the great developers of their age. Yep, Its us!

  • Some time in 2006

    We learnt what is HTML and web development. Started doing websites for hobby.

  • In the year 2011

    The two pillars of our Web Viander met at their college for their first time!

  • 2011 to 2013

    We worked on several projects together and thought, we are good at what we do! Why not let others know it? Thus WebViander is found!

  • June 8, 2013

    WebViander.com was officially registered and our company started up and running.

  • July, 2013

    Web Viander delivered its first Website for Thulir Montessori

  • July, 2013

    Our Design Quality was known to everyone and clients started to come looking for us!

  • August, 2013

    We got our first breakthrough. We were recognized and were asked to develop a website for ISTE - Indian Society for Technical Education

  • By the end of 2013

    We were recognized by everyone and made a tremendous impact on how things are seen by the internet users. We have managed to complete 6 projects in 6 months amassing 60k INR Profit

1000+ hours of work

8 years of experience

10+ Happy Clients

~ Our Process ~

Everything revolves around planning. We do our best to develop things like no one ever does! Here is our secret revealed!

  • Plan

    We ask the clients! We talk to them as their friends, extract the idea and we spice up them by adding our own ideas. We then develop a schedule for our work and submit them to our clients. They should know what we do and how we do. This makes the client happy and our job easier.
  • Design

    Anything without a good look and feel is just thrown out. We do not fear for taking time. We work hard to provide the best for our clients and make them happier at the first try. We consider the project as our own and thus we design them unique and professional.
  • Build

    Just having a design can't do anything really. We need to make that design work. This is the major part of our process and this is always done with atmost care such that there are no bugs in the app we develop or issues in the design which we do. We always need the best for us and our clients.
  • Launch

    A painting's worth is not known until it is exhibited and examined. We help with exhibiting your work by setting up the host and other things which might be a bit of headache if a newbie was asked to do. We stand aside you when the design gets positive replies and before you when it receives negative ones (Which never happened till now).

~ Our Team ~

Meet the men behind the Web Viander

~ Our Services ~

All your needs taken care of!

Need anything related to tech? Need a website? Or a mobile app? Name your thing and we have got resources to complete the task. Our skill set covers about 20 pages and we are proud to say we could handle anything without trouble!

Web design

Our main focus area is Web Development. We provide high quality templates for our clients and all our themes are responsive as well. We keep up-to-date with the tech updates and never miss out an information related to development. We are the best at what we do!

App design

SmartPhones are rocking today's world. Be it a simple calculation which you could do mentally, or some complex graphic design which required a workstation is now possible in your hand. We develop apps for Android, iOS and Windows phone!

Brand Creation

Want to start a business online and do not know where to begin? We help you with every process and finish the project and set your business up and running and you will feel like when did we do all these in this short time? We offer CMS, CRM and Shopping platforms.

Hosting Services

Want to setup a shared hosting or VPS? Never heard of cPanel or SSH? Does the words like WHM, serial console terminal and DNS make your head swirl? We have got you covered. We take care of everything and with our experience we handle the problems and set your site up!

Print Design

We not only stand for designing websites. We are also into the older medium of communication - The Print Design. Want to create a style for your new magazine? Want to send some awesome mail to your clients? We help you with all those. Tell us what you need to be done alone!

Other Services

We are professional WordPress developers and know the corners of WP. We also specialize in Joomla!, Drupal and eCommerce softwares like wooCommerce, Magneto and Shopify. Give us your requirement and get it done as you need it. More exceptional than you imagined!

~ Our Works ~

Something we are proud showing off


~ Thulir Chrome ~

Web Design / Custom CMS


Thulir Montessori Play School is one of the fast-growing play schools located in the outskirts of Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India . This was the first client we received after starting the organizationand we were quite pleased to finish off the project and please the stakeholders. We developed our own CMS for this because we though it is better to start off on your own rather than depend on WordPress or any other CMS out there. But, It paid off well and we were happy.


  • Custom CMS
  • Design
  • PHP
  • HTML5

~ Cynapse - Technical Feast ~

Web Design


This one is our favourite. Unlike other websites which we did for professionals, this one is a kind of change from that. It was a visual treat for the visitors and was well received by the audience. Cynapse – A technical Symposium conducted by RMK Engieering College, Chennai ‘s Computer Science and Engineering department staff and faculty. The website was completely dynamic and was powerful. We used Custom data attributes – A modern HTML5 feature for simplifying the application data stored in the web pages. This required a lot of skills. See what it took to create this site.


  • HTML5 Data Attributes
  • Design
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • Apache Server

~ ISTE - Tamilnadu and Pondicherry ~

Web Design / WordPress


Our next bigggest project was the call for the Nation’s most sought after technical society – ISTE ‘s(Indian Society for Technical Education) TamilNadu and Pondicherry section’s website. This was a great opportunity for us and we were able to please the Chairman, Secretary and other dignitaries in the society. We used WordPress as the base for this project and developed a theme for the society based on their requirement. It included an “Event” plugin with its very own widget so that any upcoming events of them can we updated easily. This project required the following skills,


  • WordPress
  • Design
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • WordPress Plugins

~ Yaahlu - A new Social Network ~

Web Design / Joomla! / SEO


Initially we were asked to do SEO for this newly found social network. We were happy to help our client by setting up search engine keywords and we brought the site to the first result in Google search. Later, impressed with our work we were rehired to redesign the website and shift the site from shared hosting to a VPS.


  • Joomla!
  • Design
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • SEO
  • VPS Setup

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